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Pirate Television is a weekly 58 min television program nationally syndicated on Free Speech TV.  In addition it is broadcast on several  Public Access stations in the US.  Pirate TV challenges the Media Blockade by bringing you alternative information and independent programming that is unavailable on the Corporate Sponsor-Ship.  The show features talks, interviews and documentaries.  The purpose of Pirate TV is to put back what corporate media filter out.

These links are to the online version of these programs which are usually longer than the broadcast versions. Some of the material seen on Pirate TV is obtained from other sources but most of it is locally produced and owned by us.  We are offering to sell copies of this material to support the operation.  If you would like to support the Pirate Television project you can obtain a copy of any of these discs for a $20 donation (includes postage) in advance.  Many shows more than 10 years old were uploaded to the server as WMV files.  Due to the outragious cost of storing these, I have had to remove them from the server.  So if you click on the thumbnail and get "File Not Found", you can copy the show name and search on Archive.org.  It might be there.  If not, I will send you the WMV file for $2.00.  To obtain media, contact me by email:


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Shows are listed in reverse chronological order:

S. Brian Willson: Election Meddling, Covert-Ops, and Propaganda, TRT :58  recorded 12/29/21
S. Brian Willson: Election Meddling, Covert-Ops, and Propaganda, Monday 1/24/21 8pm PST, premieres on YouTube 1/20 2pm PST

The US government and the lap dog corporate media squeal like stuck pigs about real or imagined foreign meddling in our elections.  But a 2016 study by Dov H. Levin found that the U.S. intervened in 81 foreign elections between 1946 and 2000 [Source: Foreign electoral intervention – Wikipedia; See also: Noam Chomsky On The Long History Of US Meddling In Foreign Elections – Truthout 7/19/17].

As good an example as any are the most recent attempts by the US government to overthrow the popular elected government of Nicaragua and install a neoliberal puppet regime. First was the violent coup attempt in 2018 followed by another planned coup in June of 2021 leading up to outright election meddling in the national election of November 7th, all of this exposed in leaked State Department documents.

This involved a brazen campaign of funding and creating right wing opposition parties and candidates, coup plotters, and foreign based NGOs, culminating in an elaborate multi-media propaganda operation including western corporate media, which painted the election as fraudulent. The Biden administration then used the canard that they manufactured to impose further crippling sanctions. -Another bald-faced intervention in Nicaraguan democracy and sovereignty.

The media complicity goes far beyond normal garden variety propaganda, as the leaked State Dept. documents openly called for a campaign of “fake news” and social media psyops.  As we will easily demonstrate, all the accusations made by the NY Times and echoed by western corporate media outlets concerning the Nicaraguan elections were patently false.  It turns out, Nicaragua’s elections are far more open and democratic than US elections.

I am constantly astonished at how US corporate media can get away with this.  It seems in order to get a glimpse of the reality of US foreign policy, especially in Central and Latin America, you would have to go there.  This is exactly what we do in this episode of Pirate TV.  Renowned anti-war and social justice activist S. Brian Willson, a frequent guest over the past decades, joins us from his home in Nicaragua where he has been living for the past 5 years.  Unbeknownst to people who get their information from corporate media in the US, there were 232 accredited foreign electoral observers or ‘accompaniers’, 67 as journalists on the ground to observe the election.  They were from 27 countries.  We are going to hear from several of them also.

Thanks to Alliance For Global Justice for election observer testimony
and Paul Baker for footage of the 2018 coup attempt.

Recorded 12/29/21

The Cold War Truth Commission part 6: The Cold War on the Mind, TRT :58  recorded 3/21/21
The Cold War Truth Commission part 6: The Cold War on the Mind, Monday 1/10/21 8pm PST, premieres on YouTube 1/6 2pm PST

The Cold War Truth Commission exposes U.S. illegal and immoral actions in the name of Anti-communism at home and abroad. And shows how today's pervasive violence and injustice-both at home and abroad-is intimately tied up to the perpetration of the Cold War. Without truth about the U.S. Cold War, there can be no true Reconciliation for our times.
This week, the sixth installment- The Cold War on the Mind, features:

*Jeff Cohen- U.S. News Media: The Enduring Cold War Legacy
*Peter McLaren- The US Cold War Against Liberation Theology
*Gail Walker- Lucius Walker: The Legacy of a Visionary Pastor for Peace
*Emily Dorrel- TikTok: A Warning on American Hypocrisy
*Alma Bruhnke- The Pledge of Allegiance, “God” and the US Cold War
*Marcy Winograd- The Cold War in the US Classroom
*Eric Mann Combating Anti-Communism in the 1960s

The program hosts are Rachel Bruhnke of Witness For Peace Southwest and Frank Dorrel of ADDICTED To WAR.

Endorsers: CODEPINK, WORLD BEYOND WAR, ROOTSACTION, KPFK 90.7 FM Radio, Veterans For Peace, CovertAction Magazine, Media Freedom Foundation, Project Censored, PeaceWorkers, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power In Space, School of The Americas Watch, Harriet Tubman Center For Social Justice, Anti-Racist Action, COVID-19 Global Solidarity Coalition, Women Against Military Madness & ADDICTED To WAR

Thanks to Witness For Peace Southwest, CODEPINK & Addicted To War. Recorded March 21st 2021